President & Representative Director

President & Representative Director


“Delicious, Fun, and Healthy”

As a company, our goal is to deliver value and inspiration to our consumers through food. ​Morinaga’s dream since its inception has been to be a company that improves the lives of children worldwide.​

“MORINAGA & CO., LTD. was founded by Taichiro Morinaga in 1899 with the dream of delivering nutritious and delicious confectioneries to the people of Japan. Drawing on this pioneering spirit, the Company has maintained an unwavering commitment to fulfilling and carrying on this dream. Currently, we are expanding our endeavorssarahswriting in various food related businesses focusing mainly on confectioneries, foodstuffs, and frozen desserts; health related businesses that help to support vibrant and energetic lives, and; overseas businesses that are exhibiting growth. Transcending conventional boundaries, we are also taking steps to cultivate new markets and domains.

In addition to fulfilling its corporate responsibilities by enhancing its research and development capabilities, improving the quality of its products and services, providing consumers with a strong sense of safety and well being, and contributing to the environment and society, Morinaga’s mission is to deliver new value and instill in its customers a sense of excitement and wonder. The Company has adopted the Angel mark as its corporate logo, which encapsulates the heartfelt desire that children’s smiles will continue to expand across every corner of the globe.